Dear Shawnee Neighbor,

My name is Kevin Straub and I am running to represent you and your family on the Shawnee City Council. I am running in the Ward 3 Special Election, one of three city races on your primary ballot on August 5th. The other two are for mayor and the other Ward 3 seat, which is up on its normal cycle. Because all races are conducted on a “non-partisan basis”, the top two finishers in the primary will advance to the general.

I was on the Shawnee City Council from 2006 to 2010. My record during that time was clear I voted for what I believe was best for the citizens of Shawnee. My goal was and still is to keep Shawnee a great place to live, work and play. While keeping our taxes low as we can. It is true that voter turnout in local elections is usually quite low, although it is often city councils which have the most direct impact on our daily lives.

As a voter, you deserve to know my philosophy. I believe in straight talk and to keep it simple. When you ask me a question, I will answer it honestly and immediately, if I can. I am available by cell phone at 913-558-8000 (call or text) or by email I am a proud conservative Republican. While as the city elections are conducted on a non-partisan basis, party affiliation can and does provide the voter with critical information about the beliefs and values of the candidates. Of course, a party label can have limits – so let me tell you what it means to me.

It means I believe in the core Republican philosophy of limited government, individual and religious liberty, free enterprise, and traditional American values. It means I am a fiscal and social conservative who believes in balanced budgets, strong families, and vibrant communities.

As that applies to local government here in Shawnee, it means focusing on core services such as public safety and roads, keeping taxes low, and ensuring our policies are fair to all citizens, not choosing favored citizens and developers over regular taxpayers and homeowners which make our city thrive. It means being prudent with your tax dollars, deliberate in our decisions, and principled in our votes. Before I vote for or against anything on the council, I will ask what is best for the citizens of Shawnee, then I will vote for what is best for you.

In the coming weeks, I'll be talking to you at your doorsteps and on social media about this race. As I advocate for my positions on the relevant issues, one consistent theme you'll hear from me is the importance of respect, not fighting. The council now and in years past has been very contentious. I will not participate in heated fighting, rather have respectful discussion and dialogue.

While I was on the council, I had asked to meet with the other Council members and Mayor outside the Council chambers to find common ground. I even offered to cook dinner at my home and invite all of the governing body and the press. That is the attitude I will carry forward if elected to serve you the next two years.

In the meantime, I encourage you to learn more about my background and record and my core reasons for running. If you're inclined to support me, I encourage you to get involved as I will need your help to get across the finish line.

Kevin Straub